We know that Shadow fight 3 is an ultimate fighting combat game and it is love by many people so today I will properly guide you about the shadow fight 3 mod apk..

This game cross the 50+ million user in the google play store. This games graphics are amazing and feel like the real one.

In this game three dynasty which are herald, dynasty and legion are fighting for the shadow energy for their different different purposes.

Many of the people want the mod apk to unlock all the feature and play limitless but most people didn't know how to download and best platform to download .

My main motive is to aware you about the shadow fight 3 mod apk that what points you should remember in your mind to download the mod apk.

So in this article I will tell you the everything that what are the disadvantages ,benefits how you can download the mod file and how you can earn unlimited gems and coins

This article defiantly solve your problem so stay tune


Let us understand mod apk in a simple way.

When a application or game has develop like we take the example of shadow fight  3.

When a developer make certain changes in the code of game and unlock some pro features or insert some new code that is called mod version and when it converted into app than i called APK 

Like in original shadow fight 3 we have to get struggle for collecting gems and coins but in mod apk the developer make the  changes in the code that the player will get the unlimited coins and gems..

So in simple term making the changes in the original app or game for self benefit it called its mod version..

The best thing about the mod apk is that you didn't have to pay anything you will get all the premium features unlocked..

Shadow fight mod apk is available for PC,android and ios also.. and it is quite safe because developer firstly test properly and then it is publish for the audience.

So don't worry if you want to download mod apk of shadow fight 3



There are so many benefits of shadow fight 3 mod some of the points are as follows:

  1. You don't have to pay money at all you will unlock all the things for free
  2. Unlimited money
  3. Unlimited gems
  4. all weapon get unlocked
  5. all armor get unlocked\
  6. ad  free game
  7. all helm get unlocked
  8. you can open unlimited chests
  9. unlimited shadow energy
  10. you can freeze the enemy in some mod apk
  11. Win fight very easily
So this are the benefits of using the mod apk of shadow fight 3. You will never get  all this feature in the original one that's why it called mod .


We know that if anything have benefits than definitely they have some downside also.
 So here are some disadvantage of shadow fight 3 mod apk

  1. Sometimes MOD app face crash problems it depend upon the source that from where you are downloading the mod file sometime it suddenly get crash..
  2. Not every but some mod apk app of shadow fight 3 get hang which distract the game experience and also harm your system
  3. Every mod apk not have guarantee it can also stole your data from your device..  that's why google didn't allow this mod apk apps in their play store.It only allow only original apps which have license..
  4. some mod apk app also drain our battery a lot because malware present in the app
  5. You will not feel excited after winning a fight because you know that I will win but in original app when you struggle for win than that win makes you very happy..



For downloading the mod apk of shadow fight 3 I am providing some website link that you can download 

1.The first site is an1 for download click here

2.The second site is rexdl for download click here

3.The third site is android top in this website you have two mod option click here to download

So these are my personal preference to download the shadow fight 3 mod apk 

I wish this post help to know about the mod and their benefits and disadvantages that you can take your own decision to download or not..

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