Shadow fight 3 is one of the best action combat game on the internet.This game has the approx 50 million download and the graphics of this game is mind blowing.

The size of the shadow fight 3 is less but graphics of this game is very high you can play this game at the ultra mode if you have a compatible device..

In this game there are many type of weapons,helms,armor and ranged weapons are available..

The style of weapon ,formation of armor,design of helm give's us a very good feeling..

You can upgrade your weapon with the help of shadow energy,coins and with gems also.

Participating in the tournament and if you win than you will get some exciting gifts or booster pack..

There are  3 types of booster pack are available in this game
rare booster pack,unique booster pack,legendary booster pack

The craziest thing is that you will also get ranking in the world if you are playing duels.

Currently I am at 97 rank in my country.

The game will provide some promo code to the top players as a gift and you can also participate in the main tournament held every year...

So you can see that this game is offering a whole lot thing that's why everyone like this game and the fighting skills are improved if we compare with the old version new attacks added, new type of shadow ability and much more thing in the game.

The speed of the game play also improves because shadow fight 2 is not too much fast as shadow fight 3..

So now we understand the story of shadow fight 3..

story of shadow fight 3

As we can see that in the intro video three legions are fighting each other to capture the shadow sphere in the temple.

Shadow sphere in the temple have some great incredible power by which you can do impossible things easily or can control the world..

The player means [you] are the hero of this game after set up of costume the warrior get take admission in the shadow squad and sarge was their father and commander.

Sarge and gizmo train the player and make him expert and then after completing the training sarge tell him about shadow squad.

After that gizmo comes to the sarge and tell about the girl who as a detective moving in the dynasty after this the squad capture him.

The girl tell his name as june after that june tell about the attack which are going to happen near the temple where sphere is available.

Than sarge and our player walk and go at that point and after sometime Deng rao and their soldier attack on our player.

Deng rao is looking very confident and he think that he can easily defeat the sarge and our warrior and after that deng rao disrespect our player.

After this our player fight with deng rao in a tough battle and beat the deng rao..

Deng rao will have to answer that thing on to the emperor. June is scared and she feels that the war get start if it does so. 

June says to Sarge and our player that if you go to the emperor then it will be of no use. He takes the side of deng rao .But sarge never listen june and they finally decide to go to the emperor.

If emperor fall in this case than war our player and sarge talk between player and  and after listening to them sarge say gizmo to collect the shadow sphere but June says that everyone will turn into monster if sphere get activated.

June says  the player that there is  no hands of the dynasty  he attack and  he had not even asked the directory people of the dynasty.

Due to spyching was supposed to b hanging on june..

Player accepts june's talk. and promise that he will  helps him. to escape from here and he finds that someone is using energy outside after that gizmo sell  some  shadow energy for some money after which our player fight him.

Our player won the fight and gizmo tells that he knows nothing about shadow energy he also says that sarge only who know about shadow energy and at other side sarge forms a new scod and challenge our player then fight between player and shadow squad  begin and after when fight finish June and our player runs there.

June after running off takes her player to the dynasty and there she teaches her some fighting  move with of different different style.

 Then june take help from gallen who is a fighting master of a school she asks him for help than he tells him the address of the gender who is a blacksmith..

June knows gallen so long ago that when our player and June are going to the ling at the middle xiang tzu challenges our player and then our player fight with him and defeat him very easily.

After that our player and june meet kibo who is the owner of  the fighting school but he sold the school o a moracious of dynasty..

After that he reach to the palace with  portal. where he get ITU and them he scolds on june and player and make responsible for the disappear of shadow sphere..

After that june speaks to join our player for  tournament

Then after winning the second round of the tournament, ling says hat he is looking for a man who came from legion, and legion people are also finding a  player who is coming from legion. the person is the ambassador of the legion region..

Then search for doom who is invisible but somehow our player  find it. After that at the gate BOLO appear and he wants to test the ability and power of our player. and than our hero fight with the bolo soldiers..

Bolo said that emperor is now not a good person in the past he is using the shadow energy for peace but when he know about the true potential of shadow energy they using it now for the wrong work.

Than after his june attack on ITU and after fight june accept sorry and he said Someone is controlling my mind I am not that one who attack on you..

After sometime bolo challenge our player and in tough battle our player finally beat him..

After sometime doom appear and send all 3 warrior in to a forest..

Where marcus comes and he come to destroy the shadow sphere after that June and ITU fight that who will go into the temple to gather shadow sphere.

Our player didn't go to temple they just keep stay outside the temple .All of three are fighting with each other for shadow sphere but at the end the ball get destroyed and the behavior of the shadow ball is depend upon which you choose.

If you choose m.marcuse than it destroyed the shadow sphere 

.If you choose ITU than it leash the true potential of shadow sphere and they used for their benefits.

If you choose june than she will save the sphere and transform into shadow form and make marcus and ITU as servant which work for the.


The gallan tell about the shadow that he is comeback after destroy the sphere..There is a girl in the game name moira who has some psychic power and it can control and communicate with shadow mind..

The shadow mind meet with our player at the ship and he said him that If you want to beat the shadow than I have to go in your body to help you and give you some exra power.

Before entering into the body of our player the shadow mid want to know the capability and power of our player and our player fight with shadow mind and in very hard battle our player defeat the shadow.

After entering in the of our player than moira help our team to find shadow after that shadow appears and our player and shadow fight with each other.


Round 1& 2

The shadow fight with our player in a robotic tall machine and the size of machine is tipple from our player.

After many struggle when our player defeat the machine..

Round 3

In round 3 shadow comes in to the machine and fight own and his fighting skills are so amazing it hits multiple attack of more than 5.after many try our player finally beat the shadow in round 4.

Round 4 

When our hero defeat shadow in round 3 than after that moira come's into the fight and chant something and after that shadow mind appear and take the body of shadow.

After that our hero fight with shadow in shadow form and after many try our hero defeat the shadow.

So after that moira get angry and than again chant some words and than shadow mind appear and they capture him and through into the time loop.

So this is the story of shadow fight 3 the game is never end the coming story is get updatd in coming time..


This game is firstly launch for android and after the beta testing it is firstly launch in canada after that it is launched glob all

After that it become available for pc and for ios also but the developer didn't compromise with their graphics 

Graphics remain same as the best quality..

So I hope this article help you know about properly story of shadow fight 3

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