Shadow fight is a very immersive and the best fighting game compare to all combat games.

In Shadow fight 3 after winning 5 fight we have to face the boss.

There are many bosses in Shadow fight 3 but Shadow mind and Shadow are the most toughest boss in this game.

You have to try or struggle a lot to beat this 2 even in normal mode most of the people struggle to beat both of them.

They both of have some un-natural power compare to other.

To beat these two bosses you have to understand the way of attack or how they use their shadow energy and how you can dodge them.So let's talk about their fighting skill


Shadow mind is the first you face He is very powerful and agile.

They do not use any weapon they fight with bare hand

He always in Shadow form and use Shadow attacks.

You can't beat him by doing attack you have to use Shadow energy so.

When you attack on Shadow mind it not cause damage but your Shadow energy will increase and you can use that Shadow energy to beat him. very to beat him even in normal level you have to a lot to understand them.

In second and  third round it's attack get changed it goes upward and release some Shadow balls around the fighting arena.

You have to dodge that attack and perform closer attacks.

In hard and normal level if you able to use your Shadow energy two time there is 80 percent chance that you can win

it many times to Shadow mind it gives you Shadow energy and when you get into Shadow form than use Shadow energy attack plus your weapon attack to take down..

Best weapon that you can select which multiple or so quick like katana,razor edge,golden bud and etc.


To beat shadow in shadow fight 3 you need proper fighting skill specially with legs.

In round 1 & 2 the shadow Fights in a robot that is 4 times bigger than your height, you have to stay away and attack, do not go near

Shadow energy has to be used and if you want to damage, then use multiple attack of your weapon to damage more..
Try to play in hard level if you can, because if you play in insane , you will not be able to beat the shadow.

Do not attack as soon as the fight starts, let the shadow attack as soon as its attack time is over, you have to attack at the same time, this is a secret tip to damage shadow.

To defeat the shadow, you have to use shadow energy very well because damage to the shadow is done only by shadow energy, otherwise you will have to break its health shield.

After the shadow form in the last round, Shadow does a lot of shadow attacks but you don't have to give him a chance to attack him and beat him with his perfect skill and accurate time.

So if you follow these tips than you can easily defeat the shadow mind and shadow also the basic tip to beat them is to face many time you can more time you face them you learn new thing about them.

And probably if play about 20 to 30 times after that you will know all the weakness and power of the opponent their attack timing,shadow attack and special attacks you will know all the other secret by just fighting more and more.

I hope you will know all the information about the two hardest boss in detail and if you have any question just comment down below I will definitely answer

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