Shadow fight 1 was a fighting game with 2d graphics this game  was launch by nekki in 2011 februry 11.

In this game you fight with other players online with bare hand and after that you will get some weapons.

In this game you fight with other player and you will get XP and coins you will never get shadow energy as we see in today's shadow fight 3 game.

Nekki starting this game in the competition of mortal combat,tekken 3 and some other combat game..

This game firstly start on Facebook and many people love this game.
This game was available on Facebook in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish
Like in shadow fight 3 we play duel in shadow fight 1 you fight with other opponent which is control by computer for a lag free experience.
Later on 28 march 2015 nekki close this game and on Facebook page it show temporary unavailable..
The people get shocked after this announcement and no one didn't know the exact reason that why nekki close this game .

May be in my opinion nekki wants to launch more high quality game for the audience later on they introduce their second version of the game which is called shadow fight 2..
At the closing time of this game the a lot of rquest has been comes at that tiem, the closing of the game's servers was postponed to the following month. but on the date of 27 october 2017 they finally close the server
This game is very easy to learn but becoming the master is not easy you have to leearn proper skill to master this game,

So this game is closed by nekki right now officially the game available in the play store is shadow fight 2,shadow fight 2 special edition and shadow fight 3

We can say that shadow fight 1 was a beginning at that time later on its coming upgraded version becomes very popular so that is type of experiment at that time. 

If you have any query realated to shadow fight 1 then definitely comment down below..


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