Shadow fight 3 is a ultimate fighting combat game of nekki with high quality graphics But there are so many peoples who didn't know about shadow fight 3 tips & tricks..

So in this article I will tell you the best tips,tricks and techniques

In order to move quickly within the Shadow Fight 3 game, we need to
 keep a few things in mind.

So today I will tell you what things you can do to make your game better

After knowing these tips, you will win more fight




In shadow fight 3 proper weapon selection is the very important factor without proper weapon selection you will never grow in shadow fight 3.

The proper weapon selection is depend upon you because every person have their own choice so choose a weapon that suitable for you.

No weapon is best in Shadow Fight 3, it depends on the player that which weapon is considered the best for player.

So select a proper weapon than learn that weapon properly if you get perfect with that weapon than no one can beat you.

So make sure choose a weapon learn to operate,learn all skills,shadow energy and how you can use it with your legs and hands.



As we heard many time ''practice makes the man perfect'' so practice daily and learn more attacks+ multiple combo attacks which will help you to become pro a player .

Learn each attack with their multiple form and the best thing you have to develope is the timing if you learn the proper attack timing than no one can beat you.

And this all thing happen by only doing practice fight with weapon sometime with no weapon sometime with leg or sometime with only hand.

And than combine the all three forms in one fight.

And if you combine all of this attacks you will become a super warrior no one can beat you so practice to polish your skills..


This is also a very important factor to progress if you will not upgrade the weapon than you will never gone a progress in the shadow fight 3.

When you upgrade the weapon than it will become easy to fight and your ranking is also get increased so  upgrade your weapon with shadow energy.

You can collect shadow energy by participating in tournament,duel or by opening chest.

Shadow energy boost your fighting skill either it is armor,helm or weapon..

So make sure you are upgrading your weapon time to time.


You have to regularly open the chest for continuous progress in chests there are so many stuff which help to upgrade your weapon,unlock new items and also some shadow abilities which help to built  solid foundation in the game.

For opens the chests there are 3 ways.

  • Participating in duel 

When you play duel and you win than different types of chest will open which help you a lot to progress in the game.

  • Collecting keys

By collecting keys you can open the rare,epic and legendary chest.

You can collect the keys buy participatng in the tournament or by  spending coins.


In quest section you have to complete the given task and after that you will get the keys and than you can open chests.

The keys depend upon the task either it  may be RARE keys,EPIC AND LEGENDARY keys according to the work.

By collecting and opening the chest you will get exciting weapons,armor and more stuff..

 Fighting Techniques & tricks

  • Do not attack first as soon as the fight starts, if you do not have a fast attack weapon, but if you have a fast attack weapon, then you can attack on lower area
  • Never ever get hurry in a fight , use the full 99 seconds correctly.
  • First understand your opponent nature  is it attacking or defensive
  • Holding  the hand button makes your player perform the most powerful attack.
  • When you are very close to the Opponent, use the strength of the legs because leg attacks are quicker and faster , sometimes it depends upon the weapons

  • Select Special Moves for more damage attack when you have enough time because special moves require little bit more time.
  • Use shadow energy well because it helps you to win as much fights.Do not use shadow energy in the beginning when you have no option or have powerful side than you can use shadow energy.

  • To block the attack of Opponent, press and hold the back button or you can only stand.


Must use two abilities

1 REGENERATION This shadow ability plays a very big role in the fight.

If you have this ability, than you can recover your health

which is damaged while fighting with Opponent.

2. TRANSFUSION This shadow ability is also very useful in this shadow

ability, the more damage you deliver to the opponent in shadow form,

the health will get recover equal to damage.

3.USE OF COINS:You can use your coins to buy more shadow energy.With which you can upgrade your weapons, which will also increase your rank.

So if you follow all these methods well then you will definitely see its effect on your game play.

I hope this post help you to improve your game for such type of content you can visit my website

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