Top 5 Weapons of shadow fight 3 till (17 level)

          Top 5 weapons in shadow fight 3

In this post I will tell you the best weapons till 17 level. The weapons ranking are based on the range and agility.

here are the top 5


This is the best weapon in my opinion because it can hit the opponent for some distance the special move of this weapon is TRIPPLE LUNGE which is highly affected it is also agile little bit and if you combine their attack and shadow energy this is the perfect choice.

The best thing about this weapon that it is highly affected and easy to learn...


This is the one of the fastest weapon it is very sharp and very quick this weapon can hit multiple combo attack in just a second.

The special attack of this weapon is KENJUSTU.
In this move it perform 4 multiple combo attack and totally damage the opponent.

But this weapon is quite difficult to learn but if you learn this weapon than definitely you can beat anyone in shadow fight 3


This weapon is very useful and it works in both ranged and closed fights.

The benefit of this weapon is that it hits the multiple attack at a single click.

It is very easy to learn and very effective. Personally I like it because it's special move can attack and harm the opponent if he is at long distance from you.

The special attack of this weapon is BLADE DANCE which is one of my favorite..


This weapon is specially used for hit the opponent from a distance.

The range of this weapon is incredible in my opinion this is the best weapon if you want attacks from a particular distance.

You can defeat the opponent without going near to them 

The special move of this weapon is SNAKE BITE


Golden bud this is the fastest heavy weapon I have ever seen it is so quick and can do multiple attack even at closer distances.

This weapon can be operate with single hand .

The ground attack is very good and the special attack of this move is HAWK'S FEATHER which is very fast and effective..

You definitely try this weapon you will love it.

This 5 are the best weapon in shadow fight 3 game you definitely try all this 5.

It will help you to move on fastly..

Thank you so much

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